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Rally in support of the Save Summer Hill Resident's Group.

1. Draft changes to Village DCP & LEP

The changes agreed at the last consultative meeting on 1 October were presented to Council with a majority voting in support. The next step is to have the Department (DUAP) agree to the draft LEP being put out for public consultation. However as of Sunday 13 October, Council had still not forwarded the documents to DUAP. Of interest also was a motion to have the Supermarket site excluded from the draft changes. The motion was lost 9 to 1.

2. Heritage Listing of Village

Alan Melrose of this group established a dialogue with the National Trust and this has resulted in the Summer Hill Village being added to their register. This reinforces the need for sympathetic development.

3. Supermarket Site Development

The owners of the Supermarket site (not Franklins) lodged a DA with Ashfield Council on 30 September (one day prior to Council considering the new DCP & LEP). The key characteristics are;

Plans and a model are on show at Ashfield Council. Council will be accepting submissions from residents until first week of November.

4. Public Rally The only way to save the village is for the entire community to get behind the issue and lobby at both the local and state Government level. This development is totally inappropriate.

To assist SOS in organizing this rally they are seeking volunteers to assist with leaflet distribution. Also they are interested in anyone who can assist with producing an ‘artist impression’ of the proposed development. If you can assist please contact Monica on 8255 2660 or Caroline on 9716 7198.


Summer Hill Residents "Up in Arms" at Proposed Development

The residents of Summer Hill are outraged by a proposed development at 100-102 Carlton Crescent -- the property of a local businessman, where, for the past 20 years or more, one medium sized house and a small warehouse has stood. In the past 3 or 4 lorries have been parked on the land at night. The Developers plan to transform this site into 41 dwellings consisting of two 2-storey office/homes; one block of two 2-storey townhouses; two 2-storey blocks of 6 terraced townhouses; 4 units and one 4-storey block of 27 units. They claim the development has been designed to blend in with the local architecture.

Since when, the Locals ask, has Summer Hill been renowned for its high-rise unit blocks? Currently there are 3 monstrosities that were approved by Ashfield Council in the 60’s and 70’s. We should learn from our mistakes, not repeat them. The Locals want no more of them!

Summer Hill is a mixture of tastefully designed 2-storey blocks of units with surrounding landscaped areas, a small complex of townhouses, Art Deco houses of 4 apartments each, Heritage houses, and magnificent mansions. 4-storey blocks of units are the exception to the norm in Summer Hill!

Why, when neighbouring Haberfield has a conservation order imposed upon it, should Summer Hill’s heritage architecture be exposed to risk? Whatever happened to Ashfield Council’s law that no building higher than three storeys be allowed to be constructed? The 4-storey block will be constructed on land that is to be raised by 2 metres, thus making its overall height closer to 5-storeys. This will tower over existing homes; encroach to the very edges of their boundaries so that all privacy will be lost. Precious sunlight will be blocked from their gardens, currently blooming with roses, herbs, flowers and vegetables.

The Developers assure the locals that all walkways and stairwells will be fenced in to preserve their privacy!! What an eyesore! It will resemble a prison-block looming over the gardens of surrounding properties!

All amenities for the proposed development are planned to be situated on the outside edges of the site, thus inconveniencing existing residents and attempting to give the future purchasers of the new properties every convenience. However, they will not have the benefit of play areas for children or quite open spaces for the aged or infirm to sit and enjoy the sunshine. It is obvious the Developers want to squeeze the last "$" out of every square metre of this site and put profit before people.

Property prices have risen in the area over the past 5 years, as it has gained in popularity. These people did not move here to see it turned into a community of high-rise unit blocks, nor did they expect their property to lose value because of such a development. The Locals took their complaints to Ashfield Municipal Council who arranged a Mediation Meeting between Developers and Residents. The Developers have returned to their drawing boards to change their design in an attempt to allay some of the local residents’ fears and also with a request that they rethink their previous proposal for a smaller development of 15 tastefully designed townhouses.

Heartened by Premier, Bob Carr’s recent comments that the Residents of Sydney do not want Urban Consolidation and his criticism of Developers (and Councils) for their work throughout NSW, the locals await the result. Ashfield Municipality (which includes Summer Hill) is the 2nd or 3rd most densely populated area in NSW with one of the smallest proportion of ‘greenspace’ per capita.


The above information provided by Jacqueline McCarthy>

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